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Smokies On The Water - Grosse Ile

The owners Scott McBeath and Tom Mercurio, Smokies on the Water (formerly Sharkey’s) In Grosse Ile, Michigan.

Scott and Tom have owned Smokies Restaurant for several years now. As partners, they both bring their unique experiences and skills. Scott is originally from Canada and has over 30 year’s food experience.  Tom is a Downriver native, he grew up in Riverview. He graduated from Henry Ford College with his culinary degree. They met while working for Host Marriott Services as managers of the food and beverage department at Detroit Metro Airport. Scott manages day to day operations, while Tom runs the kitchen at Smokies. Scott was a former manager for the Tunnel Bar BQ in Windsor. 

Scott and Tom were excited to start their business venture on Grosse Ile. Over the past four years, they have enjoyed being part of the Downriver community. Scott & Tom have partnered with Larry Cosme, one of their long standing Smokies customers and Wyandotte Resident, for the Grosse Ile location. They all are looking forward to expanding the Smokies concept to Grosse Ile.

Extensive renovations to the former Sharkey’s are complete. The restaurant has a capacity of 120 people throughout the year and expands to 160 people when the patio is opened during the summertime. They will be bringing their Smokies philosophy to Smokies on the Water, including their signature menu.

One key to their success is making many of their menu items including their, soups, dressings, and sauces, completely from scratch. This is hard to come by these days with the popularity of chain restaurants. They also cut their own meats and chop their own salads. Smokies is well known for having the best fresh perch on Friday evenings, their delicious gourmet pizzas, a smoked salmon dish, and their famous prime rib.

Scott and Tom will be incorporating new features to the Smokies experience and menu.  Smokies on the Water will consider a Sunday Brunch that will kick off in the late summer, along with a special late night menu if the crowd warrants it. They also expect a boating crowd, which they intend on offering “boatside to go” for their gourmet pizzas in the summertime. 

Scott, Tom, and Larry are very much looking forward to being part of the Grosse Ile community.

Visit Us Today

Smokies on the Water
25555 W River Road
Grosse Ile, MI 48138

Telephone: 734-672-6470

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